Brentwood has the best physical therapy!! The therapy is tailored to each individual’s needs. The day staff was so kind, friendly, and responsive. I was there from March 22 – May 5.

Yvette D.

Wonderful people from administration to kitchen staff. Great physical therapists. If anyone in your family needs a rehab center, this is the place

Raisa S.

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I have worked for a family for several years who had a wonderful lady as a housekeeper/nanny back when they were raising their now adult children. As she has gotten older, she has begun to have some falls and her ability to walk has diminished. After a few days in the hospital she was transferred to the BHCC (and at the same time the were some health issues within the family) and I have been overseeing her care and Dr. appointments as she has no relatives here. She has lived in the same apartment for over 40 years, so of course this was unsettling for her at the age of 84, not knowing whether she would ever be able to go back “home” or not.

My first encounter with Tanner Mitchell, Administrator, was when I was sitting in the lobby waiting for an appointment. He very kindly stopped and asked if I was being taken care of and inquired, on my behalf, with the front desk of when I would be seen. He and the staff have been extremely helpful on all of the occasions that I have been down there and Tanner has truly taken a liking to “Lupita” and she to him, which tells me that he has been around alot and made a point of spending time with her which is nice to see. I feel like he probably is very involved with all of the residents which makes them fell very welcomed and comfortable. All of the staff seem that way too.

Its been a couple months now and it has been determined that she will be staying there permanently. She has gotten to know several of the staff members and really seems to enjoy her days filled with friendly faces, good food and people who genuinely care about her. As she speaks very little English, I wondered if she would struggle and feel out of place, as where she had lived for years was primarily Spanish speaking. It has not seemed to make a difference and previous to knowing where she would be living, she told me that “she really wanted to live there” which was so nice to hear and truly makes the family happy as she is a part of the family.

If I were to be asked for a recommendation for a rehab/elder care facility this would be the one. A very clean, safe, friendly environment and a caring group of professional caregivers.

Maria A.