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My father landed in Brentwood Health Care Center by chance, it was actually where he was intended to go, but from the moment he arrived, we were very pleased. It took my father some time to adjust to living in a rehab facility after he had broken his hip. He was not amenable to staying at the rehab in the beginning, but the group of nurses and therapists really did their best to make him feel at home. I can not speak more highly about their kindness, patience, and willingness to make him comfortable. I live on the other side of the country, so knowing he was in good hands, was very comforting. It really took a village to help my dad and they did great. I will make a specific shout out to Robelyn, the head nurse who took my father under her wing. She went above and beyond what she needed to do in order to help him and keep him at ease. She is a jewel of a human and I am tremendously grateful to her and to the rest of the staff of Brentwood Health Care Center. Rehab facilities are not known for places where people want to be long term, but if you are in need of a rehab center in the Santa Monica area, I would never hesitate to recommend it to anyone else. Thank you Brentwood Rehab Facility.

Shadi B.

We took my dad to Brentwood Health Care Center after discharge from the hospital. I did not know what to expect as this was the first time. I must say that the outstanding care he received from each and every one of the stuff was exceeded expectations. The place was very clean, the food was good and healthy, the one-on-one therapy was very personal. Each time we called someone would answer right away and was ready to help. Special thanks to Tanner the manger always there to help and answer questions. Now I know that if I need any help Brentwood Health Care Center will be the first on my list.

Lannie S.

My father got great care here after a hospital stay at UCLA. The staff is wonderful and really pay attention to a patient’s physical, mental, and emotional needs. They even try to make it fun for them with extracurricular activities like singing and even visits from the Laker Girls. The physical therapists are top notch and everyone took great care of him. There’s also a nice patio with flowers where you can sit and visit with your loved one and the added bonus that you can bring the family dog to visit, which seems to really cheer up all the patients. This is the nicest nursing home/physical rehab place that we visited on the Westside and I would highly recommend it.


I recently spent 4 weeks in Brentwood Health Care Center following a knee replacement. I cannot believe how wonderful the care was. I NEVER encountered any member of the staff who was not warm, friendly, compassionate, and caring. There was nothing they wouldn’t do for me to make me comfortable, give me encouragement, and be completely responsive to my needs. The physical therapy staff was exceptional. I had the opportunity to watch and observe many of the therapists working with other patients while I was having a physical therapy session. The level of care, encouragement and loving way in which the care was delivered was exceptional across the boards. There were some patients who wanted no part of the therapy sessions and I saw any number of therapists work with them, never losing patience and soon the patients would respond to the loving care they were receiving. I couldn’t recommend this facility any higher. I send them all well wishes and congratulations for the excellent job they do and send them my personal thanks for the extraordinary care I received.

Barbara A.

My father transferred here from UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. The staff here is friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. The physical and occupational therapists are very attentive and patient. Everything here is much better than other rehab hospitals we’ve dealt with in the past. Even the food is better. They’re kind even to the unruliest patients, and there are a few. The 5-star rating in the front lobby is well deserved!

Steven T.

We were so very fortunate to have landed at Brentwood when my mother’s health took a turn for the worse and she needed rehab for pelvic fractures. As an LCSW, I’ve visited patients in dozens of facilities, but have rarely seen one that gave such compassionate and responsive care. The facility itself was well maintained, extremely clean, and the PT and OT staff worked wonders with her! Thank you and God bless you!

Kevie F.

My Grandmother Farzaneh, had a knee replacement on both of her knees with a gap of a month apart. She has been at Brentwood Health Care Center two times for past three months and every time she was there, not only her, but all of us as her family were so happy and confident that she was REALLY in good hands of all nurses and staff there. They did everything they could to make her comfortable with her pains and her stay. The physical therapy staff are AMAZING, from understanding to encouragement and compassion, they really care for her and they do it for every single person there as well. We are extremely thankful to all of them, especially all her physical therapists. You guys are AWESOME! Thank you so much for being so kind and patient, not only with my grandmom, but with everyone. We love all the Brentwood Health Care Center staff, from the front desk to the nurses to every single person in the kitchen and all over the facility, and we highly recommend them for anyone in need for perfect care. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Amir K.

Brentwood has the best physical therapy!! The therapy is tailored to each individual’s needs. The day staff was so kind, friendly, and responsive.

Yvette D.

I recommend Brentwood very highly, without hesitation. Why settle for 2nd best when Brentwood Nursing is available. I had special equipment and other needs and they were handled perfectly!

Joe T.

I do not live in the Santa Monica area, but the doctor for my specialized surgery operated out of St. Johns hospital. Brentwood was recommended by my doctor’s office. This was my first visit to a rehab center so I was very nervous after having visited homes in the area where I reside. I was extremely fortunate to stay at Brentwood. The entire staff was caring, compassionate and responsive. The physical therapy staff was the best I have ever encountered (having visited several outpatient facilities). Food was so much better than expected. Hats off to the chef for the chocolate cream pie. I will also miss my daily injections by EJ (well, kind of). Even with the travel time, my preference will always be to return to Brentwood.

Jerri Q.

Wonderful people from administration to kitchen staff. Great physical therapists. If anyone in your family needs a rehab center, this is the place

Raisa S.

On July 12th, after much tears, prayer, and discussion with my neurologists, medical team, husband, and mother, I was convinced that a facility was the best way for me to gain my ability to function again. After reviewing info on several nursing/rehab centers, we agreed the 5-star Brentwood, which was rated as #1 in USA Today was where I would be going. I was transferred from Ronald Reagan UCLA Med Center to this facility, because I needed 24-hour care with extensive physical and occupational therapy. I had to get past the fact that I would probably be the youngest, which I was, and set my goal on getting healthy enough to return home. This was the perfect place. I was so pleased with the therapy team, because they did not allow anyone to say no to therapy. If one couldn’t or wouldn’t go to therapy, they brought therapy to him/her. They were determined to get everyone moving. The admin staff and medical staff were very caring and very communicative. The nurses and CNAs were very attentive. Most of the time, they responded to the residents’s call within a few minutes with pleasant attitudes. Even the maintenance team was friendly and kept the facility very clean, inside and outside. The CNAs changed all of the linen, help ALL residents get clean and dressed every morning, to say the least. They worked extremely hard. The evening CNAs helped everyone get ready for bed. The reason I mention these duties is because they helped me keep a healthy attitude, so I am sure it helped others. The aesthetics and decor of the facility are nice and color coordinated. It did not appear so clinical; neither did it smell…this was very important to me. I was there six weeks and this remained consistent. There was even a dining room, with tablecloths on the tables and an activity room that was kept extremely clean–which many of the residents utilized. Food Service was a lot better than I expected from this type of facility. There was a variety of food prepared. There was also an alternative menu with food choices to substitute any meal from your weekly menu. They did everything they could to accommodate the residents. As for me, I was pleased with the effort that went forth to please us. Brentwood Health Care Center is awesome! To sum it all up. I highly recommend Brentwood Health Care Center, if you or a family member should ever need such care, I highly recommend this facility, regardless of the adult’s age or condition.

Hazel R.

I have worked for a family for several years who had a wonderful lady as a housekeeper/nanny back when they were raising their now adult children. As she has gotten older, she has begun to have some falls and her ability to walk has diminished. After a few days in the hospital she was transferred to the BHCC (and at the same time the were some health issues within the family) and I have been overseeing her care and Dr. appointments as she has no relatives here. She has lived in the same apartment for over 40 years, so of course this was unsettling for her at the age of 84, not knowing whether she would ever be able to go back “home” or not.

My first encounter with Tanner Mitchell, Administrator, was when I was sitting in the lobby waiting for an appointment. He very kindly stopped and asked if I was being taken care of and inquired, on my behalf, with the front desk of when I would be seen. He and the staff have been extremely helpful on all of the occasions that I have been down there and Tanner has truly taken a liking to “Lupita” and she to him, which tells me that he has been around alot and made a point of spending time with her which is nice to see. I feel like he probably is very involved with all of the residents which makes them fell very welcomed and comfortable. All of the staff seem that way too.

Its been a couple months now and it has been determined that she will be staying there permanently. She has gotten to know several of the staff members and really seems to enjoy her days filled with friendly faces, good food and people who genuinely care about her. As she speaks very little English, I wondered if she would struggle and feel out of place, as where she had lived for years was primarily Spanish speaking. It has not seemed to make a difference and previous to knowing where she would be living, she told me that “she really wanted to live there” which was so nice to hear and truly makes the family happy as she is a part of the family.

If I were to be asked for a recommendation for a rehab/elder care facility this would be the one. A very clean, safe, friendly environment and a caring group of professional caregivers.

Maria A.