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We were extremely excited to have California State Assemblyman, Mike Feuer, come to Brentwood Health Care Center to tour our facility and meet the staff and patients. It was such an honor having someone who has had such an enormous impact on our community and our neighborhood directly take the time to come and tour Brentwood Health Care Center,

“Los Angeles City Attorney, Mike Feuer, has long been one of California’s leading lawyers and lawmakers. As L.A.’s chief lawyer and prosecutor since July, 2013, he has brought an innovative, problem-solving focus to the office that combines tough and effective prosecution with initiatives to improve public safety and the quality of life throughout the city. In March Feuer was re-elected to a second term without opposition.”

We hope to have him back again soon. Being involved in our community is important to us and helping us give the best care possible to our patients and their family members.